Awkward Moment in the Restroom

This story happened years ago, when Ryan and I first started hanging out. We were at our usual bar, and it was a crowded Friday night. It’s crowded as usual, but practically nothing is happening for either of us. The plan is to use the restroom, get one more drink and then strategize the rest of the night from there.

The process is completely routine, at least from my vantage. I wait for Ryan outside of the restroom; he comes out and tells me with a serious visage, “We have to go.” Perplexed, I try to get him to tell me why, but he just repeats that we must go, now.

Outside, and on the way to the next bar, he finally tells me what happened. He walked into handicap stall, since that was the only vacancy, and some guy follows him in. He thought nothing of it, this random probably wanted to use the stall after him. The random then closes the stall door. The random then locks the door. Ryan, confused and perturbed, unlocks the door. The random locks it again. Ryan then felt the need to get the hell out of there.

I had something to laugh at for a few hours.



Rule #3: Truncate, Don’t Delete

When things turn sour, Ryan came up with the idea to truncate a girl’s number instead of deleting it.

Truncate (v.): deleting the last 2 numbers of a phone number, so you cannot call or text that person.

The argument for truncation over plainly deleting a number is that if she texts you, you have a number to cross-reference it with. And since you don’t have her full number, you won’t be tempted to call or text her unless she contacts you first.