Rule #1: Bros Before Hos

For some reason, I have put off writing about this rule for over 2 years. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since I abandoned this blog a while back when all of my favorite bloggers stopped updating.

It’s a simple, straight-forward rule. Everyone has heard it. However, we all need a reminder every once and a while. Since moving across the country a few months ago, I haven’t had any bros to hang out with. My game has…well, it hasn’t slipped. When I want to turn on the charm, it’s there, it’s just less frequent.

The thing is to treasure your brolationships. They matter. And when you don’t have a solid group of friends to go out with, drink, and talk to women, you start to miss the connection, the trial-by-fire that you had with those friends.

So you can do two things to remedy that, which btw, I am trying to do both: do your best to convince your friends to move to your new city, or make new friends and see who works with your personality.


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