Rule #8: Stop Thinking, Start Doing

When I approach a woman at a bar, I usually like to have a game plan (along with an escape plan, because it’ll probably end badly. This goes through my head when failing miserably…)

However, sometimes it’s good to just go up and start talking; let your natural charm, wit, and silliness win them over. Let the conversation flow naturally. You’re an intelligent, social being, so just talk about anything. Your brain is your enemy, kill it with alcohol.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a wingman helping you out. A story will be written soon, with a new cavalcade of characters.

Afterthought: I didn’t know this before, but apparently some people just don’t know how to make conversation. As human beings, those people should have the social skills to respond with more than one-word answers. We are people; we are social beings; how hard is it to be a person?


2 thoughts on “Rule #8: Stop Thinking, Start Doing

  1. First of all, major points for the use of the word cavalcade. Fantastic. Second, apparently it’s REALLY HARD to be a person because I’ve encountered many a dude who can barely manage to string a sentence together in person. On a date. Between two people. So I totally feel your pain!

  2. Thanks, I’ve always enjoyed using the phrase “cavalcade of characters” because it rolls off the tongue nicely. And a buddy and I talked about some people’s inability to converse, I guess nerves and comfort play into it, but if those people decide to try dating, conversation is something they should be prepared for…weirdos.

    P.S. I never really expected anyone to actually read my blog; it was just a way to get back into writing, hence my socially awkward penguin gravatar. But thanks for reading nonetheless!

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