A Family Affair

Ryan and I are in Campbell and we start out at Katie Bloom’s, as usual. KB’s in the Fall of 2012 is pretty stale and boring, so we aren’t there long. We end up at Khartoum and it’s pretty packed. We somehow make it through the crowd get our drinks and start to scope the area.

The problem is that I was dating a girl at this time, and I liked her. A lot. So I wasn’t really looking for women for myself, but as a good wingman, I’m still around to help my bro.

Since this place is a lounge, we find a place to sit and it happens to be near this group of two women and one guy. We make conversation, then one of the women wants to go outside to smoke. Since Ryan is in play, he goes outside with her, while I’m stuck inside. Turns out that the one smoking outside is in her 40s, the guy inside is her brother (and a total douche by the way), and he’s dating (or more likely) just nailing the other woman. I think the two women are roommates.

As Ryan is outside with the 40-year-old for a while, I have to make small-talk with the brother. He’s offering to hook me up with one of the women around us. Though it seems like there are A LOT of women in the bar this night. It doesn’t really matter to me since I’m crazy over another girl. But I indulge him and say okay, that girl. He tries to get her attention without even leaving his seat. Really? …we got a real winner here. I’m just thinking, “Thanks, but no thanks bro.” Seriously, I don’t think I have much game, but I could do better without his “help.”

For what seemed like an eternity later, Ryan and the 40-year-old come back. We leave. Ryan doesn’t get her number because she said her brother would stab him…I believe it.

That night I wasn’t interested in talking to new women, but I definitely didn’t want to be stuck talking to some seemingly unstable d-bag, waiting — with an empty beer, looking around, uncomfortably — for my friend to come back.

This was when I realized something about my bro-lationship with Ryan. It just doesn’t work as well when one of us is already interested in another girl. We’re either holding back, or trying to push the other more to compensate. I still don’t know if there’s a way around it, but for now, I’ll document these crazy nights instead of living them for a while.



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